Join me for the Flexpo Virtual Business Summit on 16th September.

Flexpo Business Digital Summit has set out to understand where we are on our flexible working journey. The global imposition of working from home has forced a huge change in how people manage their home lives and their business activity.

This summit will explore where we are, what challenges and solutions have presented and where do we go from here โ€“ indeed, what do we all want the future of work to look like? We will ensure that you take away key actionable content which you can reflect within your own agile work policies and processes.

Join our summit to listen to change management consultants, entrepreneurs, HRDโ€™s and many experienced business leaders who are navigating through this unprecedented period of disruption to give you the tools, process and thinking to effect the positive changes that you need to be a pioneer business of tomorrow.

The world of work is changing โ€“ you need to be driving that change

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