Have you fallen out of love with your career?

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel, constantly running trying to keep up with work, trying to find time for your kids and feeling exhausted?

Are you ready to find that ‘thing’ that you are passionate about, that you would be motivated to get out of bed every day for?

Are you ready to find a career that will achieve your aspirations and not sacrifice being a great mum?


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  • Dee had been working in the same field since she graduated and whilst she had progressed, she was no longer enjoying it and feeling completely unmotivated. “the whole process was extremely helpful, she encouraged me to challenge my way of thinking and look at things in a different way. I’m now working part-time and studying towards a Masters to become an Occupational Therapist”


  • Rich hated his job but couldn’t see a way out. “During a time when I was looking to change my career and balance my work with the pressures of becoming a father, Nicola helped me identify my true goals, rediscover forgotten passions and navigate a pathway to making this a reality. Without her coaching and support my career would be something like a parasite eating me up inside, now I feel l am the person I want to be. I’m self-employed, able to make my own path and opportunity is everywhere”


  • Sophie wanted to return to work part-time after having her second but felt that this would mean she would be overlooked for opportunities and excluded from decisions. “I feel much more confident. You have helped me really consider what I’m good at, what I value and what I really want. I’ve re-designed my own role so that it aligns with what is important to me”


  • Kirsty wanted promotion but felt she couldn’t balance more responsibilities with raising her son. “You have honestly changed my entire outlook on work. I got the Business Partner job and payrise because of you!”


Becoming a mum hasn’t changed your career aspirations – you still want to be successful and you still want to have a fulfilling career.

But it feels like to do that you have to sacrifice precious time with your kids, that you have to work in the evenings after they are in bed, that you don’t ever have time. There’s no couple time. There’s no me-time. And this makes you tired. It makes you stressed. It means that your patience bucket is empty and your family isn’t getting the best version of you.

Having clarity about your career – what you want it to be and how you want it to be – will give you the confidence to make it happen. Because when you are doing something that you enjoy, something that fits into your life, instead of taking it over, you have the energy to give your all at work and at home.

I’ve worked with dozens of parents who have been in exactly that situation – feeling unhappy, feeling overwhelmed and feeling like they are failing. I’ve helped them to understand themselves and what they really want when it comes to having a career and being a parent. And each one of them has made changes after working with me – getting promotion, setting up their own business, re-training for their dream career.

Through this programme I will help you to:

  • Understand Yourself
  • Explore all your options to know exactly what you want to do
  • Be confident to make the change
  • Have a plan of what you need to do and by when to achieve it

There are only 12 places in this programme at the introductory price of £397 – secure your place now!


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What to expect from the programme:

8 weeks of online coaching support from me to get you from where you are now to where you want to be

1 task per week with tutorials to guide you so that you can do these in your own time through the week

Weekly Group Coaching session

Individual support from me throughout the programme

A community of like-minded women supporting and encouraging each other

Templates to support you in your career planning



How much time do I need to invest in the programme?

You get out what you put in to the programme but as a mum of two boys under 4 I understand that time is hard to find! I’ve designed this programme with that in mind – you’ll need an hour a week to complete the task and there is no set time for that – do it when you can. The Group Coaching session will be each Thursday at 8pm – it’s best if you can join live but you can always watch the replay.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. I want to make this really affordable. Just ask me and we can work it out from as little as £88 per month.

Will you give me specific advice on my industry/role?

I am not an expert in all fields but I will offer my advice where I can. This programme is not about me telling you what you should do but rather me supporting and guiding you to make your own decisions. I’ve taken people through this programme from a wide variety of backgrounds and they have all had success in terms of gaining clarity about what they want and how to get it.


Ready to take the first step to doing what you love?


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