Are you ready to join the flexible working revolution?

Are you ready to join the flexible working revolution?

Making Flex Work - For your Business, For Your People, For You


The way we work has changed. And it’s never going back to how it was before.

At Ignite we can help you to identify where you are now and where you want to be in the future way of working.

We help you to cut through existing strategies, processes and cultural barriers to create a flexible way of working that works for your organisation. Because one size does not fit all.

We want your business to succeed and can help you navigate your way through so that you don’t just survive, you thrive.

Now is the time.

If we’ve learned anything over the last year it’s that flexibility can and does work.

But the way we’ve been working isn’t a true reflection of flexibility either.

It’s now time to create flexible working solutions that work for your business and your people. It’s time to start planning a future where your people are empowered to work in a way that suits them and where your business can achieve long-term success.

Are you set up for the flexible future?


Imagine doing what you love.

Imagine having the flexibility you need.

Imagine being the leader you know you are capable of being.

This is the difference you feel when you understand yourself, when you have confidence to set boundaries and be who you really are.

And that’s where I come in – I can help you to understand yourself – what is it you really want? I can help you to overcome your anxieties and self-doubt. I can help you build your confidence to go out and get what what you want.

And together we can explore all your options and create a plan to make it happen.

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  • She possesses a rare gift of being able to help you draw out your own โ€˜inner voiceโ€™ and understand what obstacles stand in the way of you being able to unlock your true potential. After taking a 1.5 year career break to look after my children, Nicola has been instrumental in helping me to focus my mind on my own objectives, my confidence and self-belief which resulted in me securing the right job for me!


  • Nicola has a practical and down to earth approach to HR which achieves results while maintaining the respect of all stakeholders.

    Gary, HR Director

  • She is skillful and professional in her dealings at all levels, she sought ways to influence the manner in which business was delivered by balancing the commercial needs of the business without compromising the "right way" to do things. Nicola has high standards, insight into how businesses run, energy and above all, total integrity.

    Nick, VP, Sodexho

  • "I feel much more confident and prepared for my return to work now. The workshop really helped me really consider what I am good at, what I value and what I want. Nicola has given me some great tips and advice to follow."


  • โ€œYou have honestly changed my entire outlook on workโ€


  • "Nicola was a fantastic coach to work with. She helped me to narrow down and create my goals and then helped me to find out the best way for me to achieve them. I very much enjoyed my experience with Ignite Coaching and would recommend them to everyone. I will definitely use them again in future"


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